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The Swallow and the Crow – ツバメとカラス

The Swallow and the Crow – ツバメとカラス


Once upon a time, there was a great forest where the birds lived. The forest was the home for the black raven. The raven, as we know, has dark black feathers. It’s feathers are thick and strong. It keeps the raven warm in the night and all throughout the winter.




The swallow, on the other hand, has beautiful, gorgeous feathers. The feathers are a rich in colour and texture. However the feathers are thin and weak.

One day the Swallow saw the raven and thought, “Ha Ha. Look at his feathers. They are so black and dirty looking. I must make fun of him.”





The swallow hopped near the Crow and said, “Just look at my fathers, you black crow. Look at how gorgeous and luxurious my feathers are! My feathers are so beautiful while yours are so ugly. They are plain black in colour.”

The Crow did not reply. It ignored the Swallow and pecked the ground, searching for food.





The Swallow taunted him again, “Why don’t you take some of the beautiful feathers and stick them into your wings and tail. At least then, you will look pretty. Show some pride. You look so ugly.”

The Crow looked at the Swallow and smiled, “It seems you are too proud. Let me tell you a secret. You bright feathers may look beautiful in Spring and Summer. In Winter, they are useless. You cannot fly outside and search for food when it snows or rains.”





“My dark black feathers are strong and powerful. It keeps me warm in Winter. I don’t see you around in Winter. You sleep for 5 months a year while I enjoy myself 12 months a year. Now tell me, why would I want your feathers?”




Moral: “Friends in fine weather only, are not worth much.”



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