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The Lion, the Ass and the Fox – ライオンとロバとキツネ

The Lion, the Ass and the Fox – ライオンとロバとキツネ


Once upon a time, there was a Lion who was very strong. He could hunt well but of course as we know, a lion never hunts alone. Two or three lions could even kill an elephant.

Seeing that the Lion was alone, two animals thought that they should become friends with him. They were an Ass and a fox. The fox was very smart and did not want to become an enemy to the Lion. The Ass was very friendly and thought all three were equals.


彼はうまく狩ることができましたが、もちろん私たちが知っているように、ライオンは一人で狩ることは決してありません。 2、3頭のライオンがゾウを殺すこともできます。



They thought, “If we were to become friends with the Lion, we could hunt huge animals. We could eat elephants and camels. We could eat deer and antelopes. We are going to never be hungry again.”

The Lion agreed to go hunting with the two of them and said, “Let us share equally whatever we hunt equally amongst the three of us.”





They managed to find a large amount of food. The Lion said, “Ass, you divide the food amongst the three of us.”

The Ass carefully split the food into three equal portions. The Fox was happy but the Lion became very angry. He struck the Ass with his huge paw and killed the Ass.





The Lion again said, “Fox, you divide the food equally amongst the two of us.”

The fox piled all the food into one huge heap. He took the horns, the ears, the hoofs and other undesirable bits which the lion would not eat. Everything else he added into the Lion’s share.



キツネはすべての食べ物を 巨大な山のように積み上げました。彼はつの、耳、ひずめ、そしてライオンが 食べなそうで望んでいない部分を取りました。その他の部分はライオンの分に盛り込まれました。


The Lion immediately became very happy and said, “I am very happy. You have fairly divided the food amongst the two of us.”

The Fox said, “I learn from experience of others.”

Saying so, the fox ran away with his share of the food. He would never trust the Lion again.






Moral: “Learn from the misfortunes of others.”




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