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The Ass and his Shadow – ロバと彼の影

The Ass and his Shadow – ロバと彼の影


Once upon a time, there was a traveller who wanted to go from the village to the town. He hired an Ass from a merchant to carry his goods to the town. The merchant agreed to hire the donkey but he came along with the traveller as well.

There was a small desert between the town and the village. The road was very hot and the sun was harsh. The traveller became tired and he thought that it would be a good idea to stop soon.





There were no trees visible for miles so they walked some more but soon they realised that they were only halfway through the desert and there would be no more trees along the way.

The traveller became so tired that he decided that it would be good to take a break now. As there were no trees, there was no shadow. As there was no shadow, the traveller said, “I shall sit in the shadow of the Ass for some time. It is too hot and I need to rest.”





The merchant was feeling very hot as well. He also wished to rest in the shade cast by the Ass. So he said to the traveller, “I have rented only the Ass to you. The shadow cast by the Ass was not paid for and belongs to me.”

Saying so, the merchant tried to push the traveller away. The traveller became very angry and soon the two of them began to fight.





The donkey panicked on seeing the two people fight and ran away. The merchant lost his donkey and the traveller lost his goods. They both sadly walked back to the village.






Moral: “In quarrelling about the shadow we often lose the substance.”



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