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A1 – List of Seasons – Basic German Word List

Hi Everyone,

Today, let us go through one of the most fundamental list of the four German Seasons which needs to be well know to anyone learning German A1. To start with, these are the conversation topics which you can use in A1 and also which you can use daily in all your daily conversations and also all your discussions. This is a critical part of the German A1 vocabulary list and also for your daily life 🙂


winterder Winter
springder Frühling
summerder Sommer
autumnder Herbst
It's hotEs ist heiß
It's coldEs ist kalt
It's beautifulEs ist schön
It's badEs ist schlecht
It's clearEs ist klar
It's icyEs ist eisig
It's warmEs ist warm
It's sunnyEs ist sonnig
It's windyEs ist windig
It's cloudyEs ist bewölkt
It's hazyEs ist dunstig
It's muggyEs ist schwül
It's humidEs ist feucht
It's foggyEs ist nebelig
It's snowingEs schneit
It's rainingEs regnet
It's freezingEs friert
It looks like rain.Es sieht nach Regen aus.
The weather is clearingDas Wetter klärt sich auf.

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