The Leap at Rhodes

Once upon a time, there was a man who had travelled the world. He returned back to his village and was boasting about all that he had seen and done.

“Do you know? I once saved a man from a Lion?”

“Do you know? I once fought a magician to save a princess?”

The villagers were tired of hearing him boast. A villager asked him, “Did you visit the great Olympic games?”

The man boasted, “Visited? I even took part in it!”

The village smiled and asked, “Really? Which game did you participate in?”

The man said, “Participate? Hah! I won the long jump! I made a jump so long that everyone was surprised. They said that no one in the world can ever jump so long!”

The villager asked, “Do you have any proof of this?”

The man said, “Everyone in the city could tell you that they saw me jump far!”

The villager laughed and said, “Why go so far? You can imagine that we are in the Great games and perform your jump once more. Show us how far you jumped.”

The traveller grew red and walked away.

Moral: “Deeds count, not boasting words.”

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