The Hare and the Tortoise

A hare was making fun of a tortoise for being very slow.
The hare said, “Ha Ha, Mr. Tortoise. Look how slow you are and look at how fast I am. You must be so ashamed. Ha Ha.”
The tortoise ignored the Hare and was walking slowly.
The rabbit continued, “Do you even get anywhere when you walk so slowly? Ha Ha.”
The tortoise looked at the hare angrily and said, “Yes. I can get there faster than you can. I will race you and let us see who the winner is.”
The Hare laughed loudly. “Are you challenging me to a race? You are going to lose so badly! Fine. Let Mr. Fox judge the race and let’s begin.”
The rules were simple. The two had to run across the fields and the meadows until the old oak tree and then back.
The Hare ran at his full speed and soon was so far ahead that he could not see the tortoise. He was so arrogant that he thought, “Let me sleep for some time just to prove how ridiculous it was for the tortoise to challenge me”.
He lied down in the grass and slept. The Tortoise meanwhile slowly walked and crossed the place where the Hare was fast asleep. When the Hare woke up, it was already too late. The Tortoise was already at the finish line.
The Hare ran as swiftly as he could but the tortoise had already won the race.
Moral: “Slow and steady wins the race.”

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