The Eagle and the Jackdaw

There was once a Jackdaw who was very vain. He would always say that he was the greatest and most perfect bird.

One day he saw a mighty Eagle who swooped down and caught a lamb with its powerful talons. The eagle flew away with her powerful wings carrying the lamb.

The Jackdaw was so foolish and vain, he thought, “ CAW!! CAW!! If an eagle can carry a lamb, I can also carry a lamb. I am certainly bigger and stronger than he is.”

He flew as high as he could and thought, “CAW!! CAW!! This is how high the eagle flies. Now I must swoop down and catch the lamb.”

Then he thought, “CAW!! CAW!! No. A lamb shall not suffice. I shall hunt something bigger. I shall hunt a fully grown Ram.”

He swooped down spreading his wings and landed swiftly on top of a large Ram. He clawed into the wool of the Ram and flapped his wings.


But he could not fly. The Ram did not even notice that the Jackdaw was sitting on his back and continued to eat. The Jackdaw finally gave up and tried to fly off. However, its claws were entangled in the wool of the sheep and he could not fly off.

The shepherd and his children saw the Jackdaw. They asked the Jackdaw what had happened. The Jackdaw said, “CAW!! CAW!! CAW!! Behold, I am a powerful eagle and not a Jackdaw.”

The children laughed and said, “You are so vain. An Eagle is an eagle and a Jackdaw is a Jackdaw. Calling yourself an eagle shall not change who you are.”

Moral: Do not let your vanity make you overestimate your powers.

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