Birbal the child

Once upon a time, Birbal’s child was throwing a tantrum at home. Birbal was a good father and he stayed at home and calmed his child. Because of this, Birbal was late to court.

Akbar was very displeased. Akbar valued punctuality a lot.

Akbar said, “You know that I do not like it when you come late. Why are you late to court today?”

Birbal said, “My King, my child was crying a lot and throwing a tantrum. I wanted to calm my baby down before I came to work.”

Akbar said, “How long did it take to calm your child? Do not tell me it took all morning!”

Birbal said, “Indeed it took all morning, my King.”

Akbar said, “I am disappointed in you. I think you know nothing about child rearing.”

Birbal said, “My King. Let us play a game. I shall pretend to be a child and you can pretend to be my father. I will show you what a child’s tantrum is.”

Akbar said, “Go on. Pretend to be a child and I shall act as your father! I will show you how you should have dealt with your child. Ask me for whatever he asked of you.”

Birbal said, “I want a cow! I want a cow now!” Saying so, Birbal started to scream and cry loudly.

Akbar ordered a cow to be brought into the palace immediately.

“What will I do with a cow? I want its milk. I want its milk,” said Birbal, crying like a small child and cried even more loudly.

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Akbar ordered the servant, “Milk the cow and give to him”

The cow was milked and the milk was offered to Birbal. Birbal calmed down and drank a sip of milk. He gave the bowl back to Akbar.

“I don’t want this milk any more. Put the rest of it back into the cow! Put it back! Put in back! Put it back!” cried Birbal loudly.

The emperor was flabbergasted and said, “Ok Birbal. You win.”.

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