The Waistband cloth

Once upon a time, many minsters had come to King Akbar’s kingdom for a grand wedding. At the wedding, the ministers thanked King Akbar for inviting them. However they did not look happy.

King Akbar said, “My dear ministers, I can see that you have some questions in your mind. You seem very bothered. Please ask your doubts to me.”

The ministers said, “My King. We have heard that your favourite advisor is Birbal. We agree that Birbal is famous for his intelligence. We are far more intelligent than he is since we have travelled a lot around this world.”

King Akbar said, “So what are you requesting?”

The ministers said, “My King, I request you to keep a test to see who is the most intelligent amongst us. Let that person be your chief advisor.”

King Akbar agreed. It was a very fair request.

He removed a cloth from his waistband. It was shorter than him.  King Akbar said, “Please cover me from head to toe with this waistband cloth. Whoever can do so shall become my chief advisor.”

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After saying the rules of the competition, King Akbar lay on the floor.

Each minister tried many tricks to cover the King but they were all unsuccessful. The cloth was too short.

Birbal was the last to try, “My king, please fold your legs.”

After Akbar folded his legs, Birbal easily covered him with a cloth.

Akbar stood up and said, “This is why Birbal is my favourite minister. He is not afraid to ask me to do something. He does not expect to do the full task himself. He understands what his limitations are and asks even my help in order to succeed.”

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