The Hens and the Rooster

One day, Akbar wanted to play a trick on his favourite minister, Birbal. He sent Birbal out on a task. When Birbal was away, Akbar called all his other ministers and asked them to bring an egg the next day. As per the plan, all the ministers except Birbal should carry an egg inside their robes. 

The next day Akbar said, “I had a strange dream last night. I dreamed that I was in a lake and God appeared before me. He said that all the loyal ministers who can find an egg near the pond. Only those who are not loyal to me shall not be able to find an egg.”

Each of the minsters went to the pond and pretended to search. When Birbal was not looking, they would pull out the egg from their robes and show it to everyone. Soon all the ministers except for Birbal had an egg in their hand.

Akbar Birbal: The Rooster & The Egg – Short Fables

Birbal searched but he could not find any egg and he returned empty handed. When Birbal said that he did not find an egg, all the ministers laughed at him and smiled at each other. Immediately Birbal understood that everyone was playing a prank on him.

He went near the King and made loud Cockadoodledoo sounds. Those are the sounds of a rooster. The king and his ministers were confused.

The king asked Birbal, “My dear Birbal, why are you crowing like a rooster?”

Birbal said, “All your ministers are hens and they were able to find an egg. I am a rooster and I cannot lay an egg. However since I am a rooster, this is what I do best.”

The king and the minsters laughed loudly at Birbal’s wit.

Moral: Self confidence helps in dealing with difficult situations.

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