The Dog and the Oyster

Once upon a time, there was a dog who was a glutton. He loved food and loved to eat. He used to eat very fast. He used to eat a lot. He was very greedy.

The dog was very fond of eggs. He frequently visited the chicken coop and used to steal eggs from the hens. He was so greedy that he used to swallow the entire egg. He never used to chew the eggs.

One day, the chickens wanted to teach the dog a lesson. They got a large white oyster and placed it outside the chicken coop.

The dog came to steal eggs and he saw the oyster. He immediately thought that it was an egg. He did not smell the oyster. He did not bite the oyster. He swallowed it completely in one gulp.


The entire oyster with its full shell was in his stomach. The dog was in a lot of pain but he had learned his lesson.

The dog said, “All that is round is not eggs. I must not be greedy.”

Moral: “Act in haste and repent at leisure—and often in pain.”

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