The Blind Saint

Once upon a time, there was a saint who lived in an ashram in King Akbar’s Kingdom. The saint was very famous and everyone loved him. One day, in the morning, he did not wake up. There was a leaf in his hand naming a successor.

The successor was a blind saint. No one had heard of his name before but everyone agreed since they loved the saint. The blind saint took over the Ashram.

One day, the blind saint had a visitor. The family had come to treat their daughter who was very scared. The child’s house was robbed and she was tied up by a thief. The moment the child saw the saint, she screamed loudly.

The child said, “This saint is the thief. He tied me up. He is not blind. He can see well.”

The saint became very angry and asked couple to go away with their child. He said that the child was a liar and a fraud. The entire day, the girl cried and the couple realized that the girl migt be telling the truth.

Akbar & Birbal - The Blind Saint - Akbar and Birbal - Little Tube

The couple did not know what to do as the saint was very famous. They decided to inform Birbal and ask his help. Birbal heard the full story and also the story of the blind saint. He consoled them and said, “Do not worry. I will trick the saint.”

Birbal had invited the saint to Akbar’s court.

Birbal drew a large sword and went to the saint to kill him. The saint immediately dived to one side and escaped the sword. The saint proved by himself to everyone that he was not blind.

The Saint foolishly shouted, “Are you mad. If I did not move, you would have killed me”.

King Akbar threw the saint into jail for life. He also rewarded the girl since she bravely told everyone about the saint.

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