The Fox and the Goat

Mr. Fox was walking down the forest when he accidentally fell into a well. The well was not deep but he could not jump out. He tried again and again but could not escape.
After a long time, he heard a sound.
It was a very thirsty goat.
The Goat asked the Fox, “Hello Mr Fox. How is the water down in the well?”
The Fox was very cunning. It replied, “Excellent. This water is the tastiest and sweetest water in the forest. Jump in and have a drink.”
Saying so, he drank some water. The Goat immediately jumped in and started to drink the water. The fox jumped on top of the Goat and then in one single jump, he was outside the well.
The goat realized that he could not get out. He begged the fox to help him escape. The fox was already on its way to the woods.
“If you had some sense in you, you should have been careful. You should have thought of how you would be getting out again before you jumped in.”

Moral: “Look before you leap.”

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