Creative Packaging Ideas for Unusual Kids’ Birthday Gifts

Creative Packaging Ideas for Unusual Kids’ Birthday Gifts

Birthday is one of the most special days in a human’s life, and when it comes to kids, it becomes the most special and joyful. So to make it more pleasant and memorable, we used to give gifts to our loved ones. Gifts are usually surprises, so to make them unforgettable, we keep them secret till the last minute, and for this purpose, wraps and boxes are used. You can use the colorful wrap, Decorative mailer boxes, etc.  to cover the birthday gifts. 

If you want to create unique and attractive gift packaging for your kid’s birthday, then read the full article.

5 Gift Wrapping Ideas for Kids

Here are the five gift-wrapping eco-friendly packaging ideas for kids given below.

  • User Colorful Paper Wrapping for Gift Packaging 
  • Glitter Tape Gift Wrap
  • Decorative Mailer Boxes 
  • Fruit Gift Wrap
  • Super Hero’s Gift Boxes

User Colorful Paper Wrapping for Gift Packaging 

You can use colorful paper wraps for the packaging of gifts as these are made up of Kraft paper, so they are cost-effective as well as eco-friendly and will not affect the environment. Different colors are attractive for the kid and by using this colorful wrap packaging, you can make your package striking and eye-catching for your kids. You can also use a single favorite color wrap of your kids as well.

If your gift is lightweight, then you can use this packaging. Interestingly due to its eco-friendly nature, you can recycle this wrap and then use it again for the same or any other purpose. You can use ribbon or glue to make sure your wrap stays on the gift.

Glitter Tape Gift Wrap

Glitter wraps have a glossy and shiny texture, giving the gift a shiny or luxurious look. This wrap is also available in different colors. You can choose any color according to your choice, or for a diverse and appealing look, you can go with a combination of different colors.

Glitter tape is also made up of Kraft paper, which means these wraps are also eco-friendly and economical. You can easily recycle it and then use it again. You can also use glue or ribbon in order to tie the gift. 

Decorative Mailer Boxes 

The Decorative Mailer Boxes are created from corrugated cardboard. There are different layers of corrugated cardboard in one mailer box that provide strength to the box. These boxes are also eco-friendly and do not have any effect on the environment. 

You can get mailer boxes in any size or shape and design them according to the birthday child’s choice so that he/she will get impressed with the first look of the present. However, these are used for luxury products as they have premium quality and are a bit expensive. If your gift is fragile, large in size, or heavy in weight, then you can choose this box for the packaging.

Fruit Gift Wrap

Fruit gift wrap is also an excellent option to choose as kids like fruits, and it would be a pleasant thing as well as informational for them. The fruit wrap is also made of Kraft paper, and as we have discussed twice above that, Kraft paper is relatively cheap in price and recyclable so it can also be a good choice of packaging. 

If your gift is small, you can use this type of packaging. You can also use ribbon or glue to make sure your wrap will not peel off.

Also the best birthday gift is the gift of chocolates. Who says no for a box of chocolates? Birthday Chocolate Gifts can also be wrapped and that too with the best kraft paper and string!

Super Hero’s Gift Boxes

Superhero boxes are also a good choice for birthday gift packaging. You can print one or more superhero visuals (liked by your kid) on this box to make it appealing. It will give a long-lasting impression on your kid’s mind. 

These boxes are made of cardboard, which is also cheap and environmentally friendly. You can easily recycle it and then reuse it. If your product is lightweight, it’s good to have this super Hero box instead of any other wrap, as this will protect the present inside it and give a good essence.


Find the Reliable Gift Wrapping Sources

Here are some of the reliable sources where you can easily find gift wrapping.


Target is a general merchandise retailer that has stores in all 50 states of the USIn-store, Target carries has a limited selection of wrapping paper, but if you want huge supplies, then you can visit their online store. There are plenty of collections of wrapping paper and gift bags that can be mixed and matched. 

There are even more options to choose from during the holiday season. Anything in your mind, whether it is elegant, classically festive, fun, quirky, or funky, everything is available here.


Amazon is also a good platform where you can find any kind and type of wrap. Amazon is an e-commerce platform, so you have to buy online. They have a rich collection of wraps and different mailers or cardboard boxes that you can choose as packaging for your kid’s present.

For the decoration, you can also find stripes, ribbons, and various add-ons. Most importantly, there are fair-priced products and relatively cheaper compared to others.


Walmart is also a place where you can find a wide variety of gift wraps and other add-ons. You can visit their offline stores as well as their online store to get your gift packaging. They also have mailer boxes as well as a superhero or different printed cardboard boxes, so you can choose any of them according to your need and will. 

There are 4635 Walmart stores in the US where you can visit and get your stuff. Walmart is known for its lowest price, so if you want the most inferior price packaging for your birthday, then you can go to Walmart. 

These are some of the gift packaging ideas and some of the reliable sources where you can find anything for your kid’s birthday gift packaging. I hope my blog is informational and you like it.

These are some of the gift packaging and some of the reliable sources where you can find anything you want. I hope my blog is informational and you like it.

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