The Oak and the Reeds

The Oak and the Reeds

The Oak and the Reeds” is quite a famous tale in the Aesop Fables and has made numerous translations into various languages across the world. It is the story of an oak tree which refuses to bend and some reeds which get pushed to the ground even by a simple breeze.

The Oak and the Reeds
The Oak and the Reeds

The story:

Once upon a time, there was a mighty Oak tree. The Oak tree was very proud of its great strength. Beside the tree grew some slender and week reeds. The reeds would bend and be pushed to the ground even if there was a slight wind.

If the wind was strong, the Oak tree would laugh and stand strong with its hundred mighty arms without bending or bowing. The reeds would all bend and twist to the wind making a mournful sound.

One day the Oak tree said to the Reeds, “Oh look at how weak you all are. You bend and bow to the slightest of winds. And look at me, so proud and strong. You must feel very bad, indeed.”

“Oh Great Oak tree. Don’t worry about yourself. The wind can never harm us. We only bend in front of the wind so that we do not break. You, with all your strength and pride have so far survived the wind. But one day a wind will come so strong it shall push you to the ground”

One day a hurricane came. It was ferocious and battered against the mighty Oak tree. The reeds lay flat in the ground, too weak to fight the wind. The Oak tree stood strongly and proudly but the wind increased in fury. Soon, the Oak tree could hold no more, its roots tore and it crashed to the ground.

The reeds said, “If only you had listened and bent to the wind, you would not have crashed to the ground.”


Moral of The Oak and the Reeds

The moral of the story “The Oak and the Reeds” is that it is better to yield when it is folly to resist, than to resist stubbornly and be destroyed.

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