The Stag and his reflection

There was once a Stag who lived in the forest. He had long and beautiful antlers which he was very proud of. They were so tall and handsome that he used to talk about them all the time.
“Look Mr. Bird at my beautiful antlers. Aren’t they the most beautiful things in the world?”
“Look Mrs. Goose at my beautiful antlers. Aren’t they the most wonderful things in the world?”
“Look Mr. Tortoise at my beautiful antlers. Aren’t they the most magnificent things in the world?”
One day the stag was drinking water from a pong and he paused to stare at his reflection. He tilted his head to the left. He tilted his head to the right.
“Mr. Stag. What wonderful and magnificent antlers, you have” he said to himself.
Suddenly he noticed his legs. They were thin and spindly. He was ashamed of his legs.
“How is it that I have the most beautiful antlers but the ugliest of legs?”
Suddenly he got the scent of a panther and he ran at full speed into the forest. But as he ran, his antlers got caught in a low branch and he could not get them off. He moved his antlers left and right but they were firmly stuck. Soon the panther caught up to the helpless Stag.
His legs which he considered as useless were those which would have saved him. His antlers which he was so proud of were useless ornaments in times of crisis.

Moral: “We often make much of the ornamental and despise the useful.”

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