The Ox and the Gnat – Aesop’s Fables and Short stories for Children

The Ox and the Gnat – Aesop’s Fables and Short stories for Children

This children’s short story is called “The Ox and the Gnat”. It is a lesser known Aesop’s Fables kids story about a very conceited gnat and a huge Ox.  

The Ox and the Gnat story
The Ox and the Gnat story


The short story

Once upon a time, there was a large Ox who was eating grass in the meadow. He was silent and happy. He was eating slowly.

He did not bother any other animal or insect

A small gnat was buzzing nearby and was feeling very tired. It saw the huge bull and flew and rested on top of the horns of the bull.

The gnat rested for some time and soon felt refreshed. He flew in front of the bull and thanked the bull.

“Sir Bull. I am very sorry. I have been of so much inconvenience to you.”

The bull did not look up and continued to eat.

“You must be so glad that I am leaving now. I shall no long bother you” said the gnat to the bull.

The bull paused to eat and stared up at the gnat.

“You think too highly of yourself. I was not bothered by you in any way. I did not even know that you were there. I won’t notice when you are gone too.”

Saying so, the bull looked down and continued to eat the grass.


The moral of the Ox and the Gnat story:

The moral of the short story is: The smaller the mind, the greater the conceit…  


Questions and Answers on the Ox and the Gnat story

  1. Who are the charatcers in this story?
  2. Who is bigger, the Ox or the Gnat?
  3. Where did the Gnat sit?
  4. What is the moral of the story?


  1. The characters in this story are an Ox and a Gnat.
  2. The Ox is much bigger than the Gnat.
  3. The Gnat sat on the horns of the Ox.
  4. The moral of the story is that you should not be concieted and think everything is about you.

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