The Mother and the Wolf

Mr. Wolf was very hungry and was searching for food. He was walking near a hut in the village. The wolf heard a baby crying loudly.
The Mother said to the baby, “Hush Baby, Hush baby. Stop your crying otherwise I will give you to the wolf.”
The wolf was very happy. He was going to get a baby for lunch today and that too for free. He went near the window and sat down happily.
The baby did not stop crying. The baby cried and cried but the mother did not give the baby to the wolf. The wolf was waiting the entire day.
In the end of the day, the mother was putting the baby to sleep.
“Go to sleep, baby, go to sleep. Don’t worry about the wolf. Daddy is watching you. Our dogs are watching you. Daddy will kill the wolf if he is near you.”
The daddy and the dogs just saw the wolf at that very moment. The wolf had to run to save his own life from the man and the dogs.
Moral: “Do not believe everything you hear.”

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