The Lion and the Mouse

Once upon a time, there was a large Lion who was asleep in the forest. His huge head was resting on his paws and he was snoring loudly.
“SNORE! SNORE! ZZZZZZZZZ”, snored the lion.

A tiny mouse was running and did not see the lion. He tripped on the lion. The lion woke up and roared. The mouse was so scared that he couldn’t move.
The lion angrily caught the mouse and said “How dare you wake me up from my sleep. I am now going to eat you!”

The mouse was very frightened and squeaked “SQUEAK SQUEAK! Mr Lion, I am so sorry. Please let me go. Some day, I promise I will repay you”.
The lion roared with laughter.
“But you are such a small mouse and I am a mighty lion. How can you ever repay me?”
“Please my lord”, said the mouse, “I promise you with the paws crossed.”

The lion was very amused. “Very well. I shall let you go. But I believe that you will never be able to repay me.”
The mouse thanked the lion and went on its way.

Some days later, the lion was walking through the forest and he got caught in a hunter’s net. He roared and pulled and pushed. He struggled and strained. The net was too strong and he was fully stuck. He roared and roared as loudly as he could.
The mouse heard the sounds of the lion and immediately knew it was the roar of the lion who had let him live. He ran to the lion and saw that he was stuck in the net.

“My lord, let me cut the net for you” said the mouse.
The rope was as thick as the mouse but she managed to gnaw through the ropes. Soon, the lion was free.
“My lord, as I promised you before, I have helped you. You laughed at me before and asked how a tiny mouse can help a lion. Now you see, even the tiniest of mice can help the mightiest of lions”

Moral: Kindness is never wasted.

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