The Lion and the Gnat

Once upon a time, there lived a Gnat who was very arrogant. He would go around saying:

“I am the strongest in the forest! I can sting anyone. No one can even stop me since I am so fast!”

One day he decided that he would sting the Lion. The Lion was asleep he stung the lion directly on the face. The lion roared in pain.

“ROOOOAAAR!! Who was that! Who dares bite me?”

He swishes his paw left and right but the Gnat was much faster.

“Go away! Stop bothering me!” shouted the lion.

“Ha Ha. Do you think I’m afraid of you just because you are the king of the forest?”

The Gnat moved fast and stung the lion on the nose. The Lion roared and struck fiercely at his own face. The Gnat escaped but the lion scratched himself with his own paws.

The lion said, “ROOOOAAAR!! That hurts so much! ROOOAAAAR”

Again and again the Gnat stung the Lion causing much pain. The Lion roared and roared. He scratched himself many times. Finally the Lion gave up the fight and walked away.

The Gnat flew fast to tell the whole world about its victory against the Lion. He accidentally flew into a spider’s web.

The Gnat tried to fly away but he was stuck.

A spider came to him and said, “So, I am going to eat someone who defeated the Lion. I must be the greatest then.”

Moral: “Pride over a success should not throw us off our guard.”

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