The Lion and the Ass

Once upon a time, a lion was walking down the forest aisle. All the animals were cheering for him and saying how great he was.

The animals bowed. The animals screamed with joy. The animals were truly delighted.

In the midst of all this, there was a stupid donkey which decided that he would look great if he were to make scornful remarks at the lion.

He called out, “BRAAAY!!! The lion walks thinking that he is majestic. In truth he looks just like a loser! Ha Ha.”

The other animals were scandalized. They were terrified as to what the lion would do. The lion was enraged and very angry. He turned his head and saw who had spoken. It was the donkey and the lion turned and walked on quietly.

“I would rather ignore the idiot than honour him by striking him with my paws!”

Moral: “Do not resent the remarks of a fool. Ignore them.”

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