The Hare and the Ears

The king of the forest, the mighty Lion, was once eating a goat when the horns of the goat pierced him. He was angry. He roared loudly.


He was so angry that he called all the animals of the forest to a meeting.

The lion said, “Who dares wear such dangerous crowns on their hears? How dare anyone wear horns?”

The animals remained silent as they were afraid of the lion.

The Lion announced, “Hear me well! Anyone wearing horns should leave the kingdom by tomorrow. If I find anyone with horns, large or small, I shall kill them with my mighty claws.”

The animals were terrified. All the animals that were born with horns started to pack and leave the kingdom. The remaining animals were praying as they were afraid that the lion would still be angry.

There was a very timid rabbit and he was very afraid. When he came out of his burrow in the morning, the morning sun fell on his back. He saw the shadow and his ears looked like he had very big horns.

He said, “I shall pack my bags and leave, neighbour Squirrel”

The Squirrel said, “But you have no horns. Why should you leave?”

The Rabbit replied, “The Lion’s anger is blind. He will decide that my ears are horns no matter what I say. It is best if I leave.”

Moral:  Do not give your enemies the slightest reason to attack your reputation. Your enemies will seize any excuse to attack you.

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