The Goatherd and the Wild Goats

Once upon a time, there was a Shepherd who had a few goats. He used to take his goats into the forest to graze.

One day, it suddenly began to rain. The Shepherd took his goats inside a cave. Some wild goats were already inside the cave.

The Shepherd thought, “There are so many wild goats here. If I feed them good food, they may join my flock.”

The Shepherd gave most of his food to the wild goats. He did not give his goats any food to eat. His goats were very hungry. The wild goats were very full and happy.

When the storm cleared, he led his goats outside to graze. The wild goats turned to leave into the forest. The shepherd got very angry.

The Shepherd said to the goats, “I gave you all the food. My goats were hungry. Is this how you thank me? Why don’t you join my flock?”

The goats said to the shepherd, “Do not think that we will join your flock. Today, you starved your own goats to make friends with strangers. Tomorrow you will starve us to make new friends. We cannot join someone who does not value his old friends.”

Moral: “It is unwise to treat old friends badly for the sake of new ones.”

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