The Frog and the Mouse

A simple and young mouse was happily drinking water from a pond. A cunning frog was watching the mouse. He thought of a very evil plan.
The frog thought, “CROAK! CROAK! I have a very evil plan. How smart I am!”
The frog swam up to the mouse and spoke to him in a very sweet voice.
“CROAK! CROAK! How are you Mr. Mouse? Why are you outside in the sun on such a hit day when you can cool off in the pond?”
The mouse replied, “SQUEAK! SQUEAK! But I do not know how to swim, Mr. Frog. I would surely drown.”
The cunning frog replied, “I know how to swim very well. Why don’t I take you with me?”
The mouse was very happy and agreed. The frog tied a string to the mouse’s leg and then to his leg and then swam around the pond. The mouse was very happy. Soon, he wanted to go out since he was tired. The evil frog had his own evil plan. He dived deep into the water. Deep, deep, deep he went and the mouse drowned.
The frog thought, “Ha Ha Ha. What a foolish mouse. How smart I am to have fooled him”
When he came back to the land to untie the string, a hawk saw the dead mouse. He dived down and in one swoop, caught the mouse and flew away. The frog was tied to the mouse and was carried away.
The frog shouted, “Help! Help! Someone untie me.”
The hawk saw the frog and said, “Oh wonderful! Meat and Fish for dinner! What a dumb frog you are?”
Saying so, he flew back to his nest. The frog learnt its lesson but it was too late.
Moral: “Those who seek to harm others often come to harm themselves through their own deceit.”

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