The Fox and the Pheasants

Once upon a time, there was a Fox who lived in the forest. The fox was very hungry and was looking for something to eat. He saw four plump pheasants sitting on top of a tree.

The Fox decided, “I must eat these pheasants. They look so tasty.”

The Fox was a very smart fox. He stood in the moonlight. He stood up on his two legs and began to howl.


He began to dance slowly by shaking his tail and his body.

He went round and round.

He hopped up and he hopped down.

He moved left and he moved right.

He was slow and then he was fast.


The fox saw that when he moved left, all four pheasants turned left to see him.

The fox saw that when he moved right, all four pheasants turned right to see him.

The Fox thought, “I know how to trick these pheasants.”

The pheasants were staring at the Fox in wonder.

The fox jumped up a rock, fell down and did not move. He then jumped up and ran again in circles.

The fox quickly ran around the tree very quickly. The birds did not want to miss the scene. He turned quickly to look at what he was doing.

The birds slipped and fell down to the Fox.

Moral:Too much attention to danger may cause us to fall victims to it.


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