The Fox and the Crow

Once upon a time, there was a fox who lived in the woods. One day he was walking around the forest searching for something to eat when he saw a crow sitting on top of a tree. The crow was holding a very large piece of cheese in its mouth.
The fox thought, “Such a tasty piece of cheese. I must trick this crow and eat the cheese for my breakfast.”
He sat down under the crow and stared up. He looked as if he was admiring the crow.
“Oh wow. What a beautiful creature you are?”
The crow stared at him very suspiciously. No one had called her beautiful before. She did not open her mouth.
The fox continued, “How beautiful you look. You have such an even tone on all your feathers. How beautifully they shine. Such a beautiful bird must have a very lovely voice, since she seems to be perfect in beauty. Will she sing for me in her lovely voice? Maybe he voice will be so beautiful that i shall call her the queen of birds?”
The crow was flattered. She had never been praised so much before. She wanted to be called as the queen of birds. She spread her wings, opened her mouth and uttered her loudest caw
The cheese fell off her beak straight into the mouth of the Fox.
The fox ate the cheese and went on its way.
Moral: “The flatterer lives at the expense of those who will listen to him.”

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