The Fisherman and the Little Fish

There was once a very poor fisherman. He ate only those fish which he caught. Every morning, he would go to the river and cast his net. If he was very lucky, he would catch more than one fish. He would take the bigger fish home for his food. He would release the remaining fish so that he could catch them some other day.

One day, his luck was not so well. He cast his net many times but he could not catch any fish. In the end, he caught one tiny fish.

“Hmm, you are so small. You shall not even fill my stomach.”

He was about to put the fish into his basket when the Fish spoke to him.

“Please spare me, Mr. Fisherman. I am very small. It is not worth your time to carry me home. Let me go. I will become very big soon and then you can eat me. I shall then be able to fill your stomach.”

The fisherman looked at the fish and quietly put it into his basket.

“I would be a fool to release you back into the water. No matter how small you are, it is still better than having no fish at all.”

Moral:  A small gain is worth more than a large promise.

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