The Fighting Bulls and the Frogs

Once upon a time, there was a marsh next to a large farm. In the field next to the marsh, there lived a big bull. No bull comes to the marsh since the grass in the farm was very tasty.

One day a second bull came to the field and the two bulls began to fight. They fought because both wanted to eat the same grass.

A wise old frog saw this fight and became very frightened. They began to pack their bags.

The young frogs asked, “CROAK! CROAK! CROAK! Old Frogs, why are you leaving? The two bulls will soon end the fight. What are you afraid of?”

The wise old frog said, “CROAAAK! CROAAAK! CROAAAK! The bulls are fighting. There will be a winner. There will be a loser. The loser has to leave the farm. Where will the bull go to? The bull will come and live in the marsh. If he comes here, he will trample over us and kill us.”

The young frogs said, “CROAK! CROAK! CROAK! Ha Ha. He is so scared. We shall stay here. The bull cannot trample on us.”

The bull stopped the fighting and the old bull lost the fight. He came to live in the marsh and trampled all over the young frogs.

Moral: “When the great fall out, the weak must suffer for it.”

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