The Dogs and the Fox

Once upon a time, there was a great lion who ruled all of the forest. All the animals were afraid of him. When he became old and died, the hunter took his skin and kept it outside the cave as a mark of respect to the king.

One day, a dog saw the skin and thought, “This king used to frighten us so much. We must punish him.”

The other dogs said, “Yes, he must be put to shame. We must show him how strong we are.”

Saying this they began to attack and tear the skin. A fox was walking and saw the dogs attacking the skin of the Lion. He asked what they were doing.

The dogs said, “Look at how brave we are. We are tearing the skin of a lion. We are paying him back for all that he has done.”

The fox scorned at them and laughed, “If the Lion had been alive, this story would have been very different. He would have shown you how sharp his teeth and claws are against yours.”

Moral: “It is easy and also contemptible to kick a man that is down.”

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