The Dog in the Manger

There was once a dog who lived in a farm. The dog was a very jealous dog and did not like to share. Even if he could not use something, he would never let anyone have it.

One day he was in the manger and he was lying down on the hay. The cows came back after a hard day of work in the farm.  They were very tired and very hungry.

The cows said, “Mr. Dog, can you please move so that we can eat some hay.”

The dog said, “No. This hay is mine. You cannot have it.”

The cows said, “But you cannot eat the hay. Please let us have it.”

The dog growled and barked at the cows, “WOOF! WOOF! BARK! BARK! GRRRR! Go away now!”

The cows said, “Look how selfish he is. He wont even give us what he can’t use.”

The farmer came in and saw that the cows were near the hay and could not eat. He realized what was happening and took a long stick and chased the dog away after giving him a good beating.


Moral: “Do not grudge others what you cannot enjoy yourself.”

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