The Dog and his reflection

Once upon a time, there was a dog who lived in the woods. One day he found a large bone on the road. He was so happy.
The dog said, “Look. Such a lovely bone! It is so big and juicy. I shall feast on it today.”
The dog picked up the bone and started walking towards the forest. He was crossing a bridge which had very still water beneath. The water reflected like a mirror and what did he see? He saw himself, a dog holding a bone.
But the dog was very greedy. It looked as if the dog below was carrying a much bigger bone.
He thought, “How can another dog have a bigger bone than me”.
He snarled. In the reflection, he saw a dog snarling back. He raised his paws angrily. In the reflection, he saw a dog raising the paws angrily.
He thought, “How can another dog snarl at me. How can another dog raise its paws at me”
Thinking in anger, he jumped into the water and found no dog. He had to swim for his dear life. He scrambled out but lost the bone. He finally realized how stupid he had been and how greedy he had been.
Moral: “It is very foolish to be greedy.”

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