The Camel and the Lion

Once upon a time, a young Lion was made king of the forest. The old lion had retired. There was great celebration in the forest for this. All the animals were performing for the lion.

The elephant made everyone laugh and play when he sprayed them with water.

The birds sang the softest of songs.

The monkey was asked to dance. He danced so well that all the animals clapped. Even the lion was very happy and showered the monkey with praise.

There was a camel which was very jealous on hearing this. He thought, “Anyone can dance. The Monkey is not special. I can dance better than him.”

He went to the center of the stage and pushed the monkey away and began to dance. He was not a good dancer. He had a huge hump and long feet. He was jumping around and looked very ugly. His long neck was twisting around and his hump was huge. The animals very angry and had to move away from his feet.

He was so careless that he almost kicked the Lion. The Lion roared and chased away the Camel into the desert.

Moral: “Do not try to ape your betters.”

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