The Bundle of Sticks

Once upon a time, there was a father and mother who lived in a small village. They had four children who would always quarrel with one another. They would fight for the smallest of things. They were never united.

The father and mother tried to unite them but it was of no use. One day the father got tired of seeing the children fight repeatedly. So he decided to teach them a lesson on unity.

The father said, “Children come here. I have a task for you. Go outside and bring me 4 thick sticks.”

The children went outside and each got him one stick each. The father tied the sticks together into a bundle and gave them to the eldest son.

“Try breaking the bundle of sticks.”

The son tried to break the bundle but could not do so. The father called the second son and even he could not break the bundle. The same happened for the third and fourth son as well.

The Father opened the bundle and gave each of them a stick.

The Father said, “Now break the sticks”

The sons broke the sticks easily.

The Father said, “Now you see, individually, the sticks are weak. The can be broken easily by anyone. But together, the sticks are strong. They cannot be broken. Similarly when you are separated, your enemies can easily break you. When you are all together, your enemies do not stand a chance against you since you are strong together.”


Moral: In unity is strength.

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