The Boy and the Hazelnuts

There was once a boy who was very greedy. His mother wanted to teach him a lesson. His mother filled up a jar with Hazelnuts.
She said to her son, “Child. Do you like Hazelnuts?”
“Yes Mummy! Can I have some?”
“Of course dear. You can have all that you want. But on one condition, you should take only one fistful.”
The boy put his hand in, and tried to take out an entire fistful of nuts. But much as he wanted, he could not take his hand out. He stood there without dropping a single nut but still could not take his hand out. Soon his hand began to hurt and he started to cry.
The other told him, “My child, you should be satisfied with half the nuts in your hand. Then only can you take out your hand. If you try to take more than you can hold, you will easily get your hand out.”
Moral: “Do not attempt too much at once.”

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