The Bear and The Bees

Mr. Bear was roaming around the forest searching for something nice to eat.

He thought, “I like berries. Berries are tasty. But I like honey more. Honey is my favorite food.”

He found a tree in the forest which was very low. The tree had a big honeycomb. The honeycomb seemed to be empty.

Mr. Bear thought, “Today is my lucky day. I am going to eat a lot of honey.”

It was dark and the bear could not see very well. The bear went near the tree and saw only one honeybee in the beehive.

He thought, “If there is only one honeybee, I can steal the honey easily.”

He went near the hive and tried to touch it and the bee gave him a sharp sting. Mr. Bear howled in anger. He slapped the tree in anger. The entire swarm of bees come out and started to attack the bear. The poor bear had to dive into the pond to save himself.


Moral: “It is wiser to bear a single injury in silence than to provoke a thousand by flying into a rage.”


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