The Ass, The Fox and The Lion

Once upon a time, a Fox was good friends with an Ass. The Ass used to eat the grass in the farm. The Fox used to eat a chicken once in a while or steal some cheese.

One day they were walking around the forest when they came across a Lion. They both became very frightened.

The Donkey said, “My friend, the Lion will surely kill us. He is so scary!”

The Fox was very cunning. He decided that he will betray the Donkey and escape.

He said to the Donkey, “Don’t worry. I will talk to the Lion and trick him.”

The Fox walked up to the Lion boldly and said, “My great King, your highness, the great Lion. I have a very stupid friend. If you promise not to hurt me, I shall lead him to a deep pit so that he cannot escape. You can just go in and eat him easily.”

The Lion looked at him and agreed to the terms of the Fox.

The Fox went to the Donkey and said loudly, “He promised that he won’t hurt us since he has already finished his dinner. Let us hide before he wants to eat us!”

The Donkey said, “You are such a good friend. I shall follow you.”

The lion was watching silently as the Fox took the Donkey into a deep ditch and came out. The Lion looked at him and pounced on top of his throat.

“You just betrayed your friend. How do I know that you won’t betray me as well?”

Moral: “Traitors may expect treachery.”

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