The Ant and the Dove

Once upon a time, there was a very kind Dove who lived in the forest. The Dove used to help every creature in the forest no matter what.

The Dove was pecking at some grains when she saw an Ant fall into the brook. The Ant was struggling to get back to the bank. The kind Pigeon plucked out a long grass and dropped it close to the Ant. The Ant was able to climb on top and hold on to it. The Ant was able to push itself to the shore and save its life.

Soon afterwards, the Ant saw a hunter standing and holding a rock. The Ant turned and saw that the hunter was about the throw the rock straight at his friend, the Dove and kill him. The Ant ran as fast as he could towards the man. When the man was about to throw the stone, the Ant bit the man hard on his heel. The man screamed in pain.


The Dove heard the man screaming and flew away from the hunter.

Moral:  Kindness is never wasted.

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