Tenali Raman and the Weight lifter

One day, Tenali Raman and his wife were on their way to a famous temple. It was a long journey that would take 3 full days. They stopped at a village on the way to sleep for the night.

Tenali Raman was surprised to see a huge crowd in the middle of the village. Everyone in the village had gathered to watch a weightlifter. The weightlifter had huge big arms and muscles. He picked up a 200 kg bag of rice easily.

Tenali Raman was very impressed and exclaimed, “You are very strong!”

The Weightlifter said, “Of course I am, you puny man! I am the strongest man in the world. Nobody can do what I do.”

Tenali Raman was not offended. He smiled and decided that he would teach the weightlifter a lesson on humility.

Tenali Raman said, “You think you are strong? Ha Ha. I can carry something even heavier. I will do what Lord Krishna did. I will carry this entire hill on my bare shoulders!”

The weightlifter started to laugh and said, “Ok I accept your offer and I want to see you fail.”

Tenali Rama Story: Tenali Rama And The Weight Lifter

Tenali Raman said, “I will be performing the feat in the morning. To help me prepare, I need a comfortable place to stay, food to eat and a massage.”

Everyone wanted to see Tenali Raman perform this feat. The Weightlifter agreed to pay for him and his wife. He had the best food and a long massage and woke up in the morning fully refreshed.

The entire village folk were waiting at the base of the hill. They were waiting to see Tenali Raman carrying the hill.

Tenali Raman stood next to the weightlifter and said, “Well, why are we waiting?”

The weightlifter said, “You are supposed to pick up the hill! We are waiting for you.”

Tenali Raman said, “I never said I would pick up the hill. I said that I can carry it on my shoulders. Someone please place it on my shoulders so that I can carry it.”

The weightlifter and the villagers began to laugh as they understood what Tenali Raman had done.

The weightlifter said, “I respect you for your intelligence. A man as intelligent as you should not be asked to carry anything except the world.”

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