Master Heron and the Fish

It was the earliest of morning and it was cold. The fish were swimming in the shallow waters of the pond to keep warm. Master Heron was walking along the pond waiting for a large fish to swim close. His eyes were focussed and his beak was sharp. His neck was long and he had never missed.
There were scores of fish around him but today Master Heron was greedy. The small fish did not interest him today. He wanted to hunt only the big fish.
“No small fish for me today! I am a great hunter and I shall eat only the biggest fish.”
Mrs Duck was swimming nearby and she was nibbling at the small fish.
“Indeed. If only I were a powerful Heron, I would eat only the biggest fish. I would not bother opening my beak for the small fish for they would only be a waste of my time.”
Master Heron beamed with pride.
“But of course! But of course! I shall not hunt the small fish and will only eat the big ones. Why? For I am a master hunter and master hunters eat only big fish!”
And so he waited. And so he waited.
The sun rose and the stream became warm. Even the smaller fish moved into the cooler depths in the middle of the pond. Soon there were no more fish left to hunt. Master Heron had to spend the rest of the day in hunger.
Moral: Do not be too hard to suit or you may have to be content with the worst or with nothing at all.

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