A birthday at the zoo

Child 1: Mama Mama !!! Please wake up!
Mom: Hmmmm … what do you want?

Child 1: Today is my birthday !!!
Mom: That’s right !!! How old are you?

Child 1: I’m five years old, mom! FIVE!!!
Mom: Ganau. And where are we going today?

Child 1: The Zoo !!!
Mom: Yeah !! Where are my car keys?

Child 2: In the closet !!!
Mom: good! I am wearing my jacket. Let’s go.
Narrator: Mom is wearing her jacket.

Child 2: can I start the car?
Child 1: It’s my birthday! I will start the car!
Child 1: Ok!
Narrator: The car starts. Wrrrrrrrrr …

Child 1: Yaaaaay. can I press the accelerator?
Mom: Ha ha. No. Are you 18
Child 1: No 

Narrator: Mom drives through town to the zoo. Mom buys three tickets. It costs 30 euros.
Mom: It’s so expensive. It is my child’s birthday. Do you have an offer

Narrator: There is an offer. Ticket for the birthday child is free. Mama is very happy.
Child 1: Look! a lion!
Child 2: Leo is the king of the forest!

Mom: Good. What is its color
Child 1: It’s yellow!
Child 2: No. It is brown!
Mom: Good. It’s brown and yellow. It’s gold in color.

Child 1: What is your weight?
Mom: It’s 200 kg. It is difficult.
Child 1: I am 20 kg. I am so easy.

Mom: Ha ha. What do you want to see next
Child 2: can we see the monkeys?

Narrator: You go to the monkey cage. The monkeys climb the trees
Child 2: Ha ha. That’s so funny. I will also climb a tree.
Child 1: I will too!
Mom: Me too.

Narrator: Mom, child 1 and child 2 climb a tree. Waiting. That is not right. The monkeys climb the tree. I drank too much this morning.
Child 1: Can I give the monkey a banana?
Child 2: No. You can’t give the monkey a banana.
Mom: yeah You are not hungry. Appearance. You will go to sleep.

Child 1: Exactly. We’re going to the elephant park!
Mom: where is the elephant park?
Child 2: I know! I know! Go straight. Go left and then right, then go forward
Mom: That’s right!

Narrator: That’s not right. Child 2 does not yet know any instructions. He is only 3 years old. He speaks a lot. But mom says ok. Child 2 is calm.
Mom: Oh … where are we?
Child 1: is that a horse?
Mom: No. It’s a zebra.

Child 2: It’s black and white.
Child 1: He looks like a horse.
Mom: yeah It comes from Africa. They live in large groups. How many zebras are there?
Child 1: There are 10 zebras.
Child 2: no no. There are 15 zebra.
Narrator: There are 20 zebra. Unfortunately, they can’t count.

Child 1: Where are the hippos?
Mom: I don’t know. You tell me.

Child 2: I know! I know! Go straight. Go right and then left, then go forward.
Mom: Sigh … That’s right!
Narrator: That’s not right either. Child 2 does not yet know any instructions.

Child 1: what is it?
Child 2: is that a hippo?
Mom: No.

Child 1: is that a rhinoceros?
Mom: Sigh. No.

Child 2: Then what is it?
Mom: It’s just a picture of a cow. You are both tired. Let’s go home.
Narrator: You go home and then sleep. There is no cake. There is no balloon. There is no presentx

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