How to learn French:

Learn French with Easy and Simple French Short Stories

French Short stories for beginners: How to learn French using French short stories for kids

Trying to see if you want to learn French? Learning French especially is interesting as it is called as a romantic language and many people want to become bilingual, to speak fluently in at least 2 languages, with English and French.

One of the best ways to realy learn a language is bLearn French by reading small and simple French Short stories. This is the easiest way to learn a language. By reading simple French short stories, you can quickly pick up French vocabulary, reading skills and also sentence formation skills in French. 

So where does one find free French short stories. Childhood stories is filled with over 50 super simplified dual language short stories in French and in English. These French short stories are easy to read, understand and complete. Each french short story is only one page long or only a few paragraphs long and hence wont take anyone more than a few minutes to read. Also the english translation to the French short stories for kids is provided in English so that you can quickly look up the words and memorize! 

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for French short stories for beginners, you have come to the right place! Just open childhood short stories and start reading the french short stories here!!!! 

How did we study English? How to learn French?

Of course not! You would have read or listened to hundreds of short stories. You might have read famous moral stories such as Aesop’s Fables, Tenali Raman or Abkar and Birbal. So why not try and read these short stories in French?

Seems like a simple question: Why does anyone not try and read Aesop’s Fables, Tenali Raman or Abkar and Birbal which have been written in French? Because it becomes very hard as most sentences are long (maybe even 20 – 30 words long with 4-5 grammar structures within each sentence. The English translation is usually not available for the French short stories and one has to translate on their own.

Should I study French short stories? What about the English translation?

  • With, you can read beginnersFrench Short stories .
  • These French short stories are made especially for kids.
  • These children’s French short stories are simple / easy / free and ones which you would have heard when you were a kid
  • Some of the French short stories available are Aesop’s Fables, Tenali Raman or Abkar and Birbal
  • Relive the experience but with the same short stories in French, and relish the experience once more.
  • Reading in French is the most important aspect of learning any new language.
  • By reading in French, you will build up critical vocabulary and also subconsciously memorize the French grammar structure.
  • Six months of daily reading of simple French short stories  will make a huge difference in your French vocabulary as well as grammar.

How should I start reading short stories in French?

  • Start off slowly with simple one page simple short stories in French.
  • No one starts with a 300 page novel unless they have already read a few hundred French short stories, comics and magazines.
  • Try reading simple one page French short stories on a daily basis.
  • There are 7 French short story collections available in this website: Aesop Fables (4 sets), Akbar and Birbal (2 sets), Tenali Raman (1 set).
  • The English version of these French Short stories is also available and that too for free.
  • A better tip will be to lock yourself in a room and read the French short story loudly and slowly.
  • Speed is not of essence since your objective is to learn a new language, not to complete the French short story.
  • Consistency and vocabulary should be your focus area.
  • In fact, speed reading is detrimental to your learning and you will not have time to process the new words.

Why should I start reading a one page French short story and not a novel like Harry Potter?

  • You will get confidence only upon completion of a task.
  • When I started learning French, I started with a 160 page novel or not simple short stories in French.
  • I gave up after 3 days and stopped learning for 3 months. Do you know why?
  • The reason is that I was a beginner and had a very limited vocabulary.
  • Building a large vocabulary enough to read a novel takes time and patience.
  • I had to spend hours going through a French English dictionary for understanding the English translation for any sentence.
  • What was worse was that these novels cater to seasoned readers!
  • Thus each sentence was over 20 words long with many structures.
  • It will take you 6 months to complete a task if the novel is 300 pages long!!!!

In a nutshell:

  • I quit quickly and lost three months before I restarted.
  • I realized that starting slow was the way to go.
  • I started with one page French short stories and here I am, easily putting entire novels away.

Why is it hard for a novice to read a French Novel?

To explain the example above in numbers,

  • In any sentence, a novice might understand about 20 – 30% of the words.
  • This means that the reader has to use a dictionary to look up the remaining words.
  • For a single page, the reader might take about 20 minutes after cross referencing the dictionary. Now that is not much.
  • However if you count the same for 300 pages, it’s about 100 hours reading time which is a insane amount of time.
  • This will result in the reader in losing motivation.

Should I be translating the entire French short story?

When you open the French short stories, you will find over 100 simple French short stories such as “Aesop’s Fables” in French, “Tenali Raman” in French or Akbar and Birbal” in French. The story will be easy and simple and will just span one page and you will find it enjoyable to read.

Simply put, these are just French short stories for children and kids. You will find over 100 French short stories in French with English translation side by side.

These small and easy French stories with English translation will make your journey of learning French super fun and also progress much faster.

Top 10 best, simple and easy French short stories with English translation

When we were children, our grandparents would have told us of many short stories of Aesop’s Fables, Tenali Raman and Akbar and Birbal. These French stories were small, cute and filled with morals. The stories are very intellectual and deep thinking and yet very simple to understand. The morals provided in Aesop’s Fables play a key role during the formative lives of many children.

There are hundreds of French stories of such stories and many of them are considered as the best short stories in French for kids and children.

You can read the Top 10 best, simple and easy French short stories with English translation here for free.

Some of the famous french short stories in this collection

Les voyageurs et le sac à main – is a beautiful French short story for children and kids. The story talks about how if one takes the full reward and does not want to share it, one must also take the full dangers with it.

Les abeilles, les guêpes et le frelon is yet another one of the classic beautiful and simple French short stories for kids. The story talks about honesty is the best policy and that if you lie, one day you will get caught.

Le Wagoner et Hercule – This French short is a very old and very famous Aesop Fable. The French short story talks about how one must not expect everything to be given for free by God and that one must take action on their own